CHINA Press reported that a group of college and university students in Penang, including foreigners, have been selling their bodies for fast money and luxury items.

It said the students, some of whom were from China, Japan and South Korea, were involved in sex-for-money exploits after lecture hours and during the weekends. Their activities were said to have been controlled by a syndicate.

Penang Family Health Development Association said the students earned thousands of ringgit per month despite entertaining customers only on weekends.

Association manager Low Bee Cheng said male customers preferred foreign students, and were willing to pay the higher charges imposed. The daily said a pimp would arrange a taxi to drive the students to a designated place for their “business”, which was usually at a high-end condominium or high-class hotel.

The pimp, in charge of not more than 10 students, would ensure the girls were in good health.

Low said the centre had received a case in which a 15-year-old secondary school student would take a flight to Kuala Lumpur to conduct her “business” in the morning and return later that night.

“Her parents thought she had gone to school as usual. However, her secret was exposed after the school authorities informed them their daughter had been playing truant for two weeks,” she added.

Low said the girl was not from a poor family. “She also showed us her bank book, having managed to get more than RM30,000 in just two weeks.”

Source: The Star Online 27/8/2010.