Errant drivers and motorcyclists who have been ignoring their traffic summonses will soon find that they have reached “a dead end”.

Under a proposed amendment to the law, they can no longer claim that no tickets were issued to them. The offenders will not be allowed to renew their driving licence or road tax, nor carry out any other tasks related to the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

This would mean that they would not be allowed to apply for transfer of vehicle ownership or even change engine numbers, JPJ director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said.

Other features of the proposed amendments:

> Local councils will be allowed to send to the JPJ the names of habitual offenders who do not settle summonses;

> Motorists can no longer use the excuse that summonses were posted to their old mailing address. The onus is on them if they have summonses.

Source: The Star Online @ 1/10/2010.