Footie rising star Tom Cleverley begged a girl for sex after taking her to a B&B – despite dating a Page 3 beauty.

The Manchester United midfielder, 22, bombarded Jade Dawson, 20, with text messages pleading with her to spend the night after kissing her in a club.

Once she was in his room Tom – dating gorgeous Emily O’Hara, 23 – tried to impress the shop assistant by Googling himself to prove he was famous. Jade did stay the night but refused to have sex with Tom – who texted her the next day saying: “Ur loss.”

Jade said: “He got on top of me to try to have sex with me but I told him to get off. He even woke me at 5am for sex but I still said ‘No’.”

Jade from Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs, was out with pals at a Blackpool club when Tom went up to her without a word and kissed her.

The Man U ace – called up last week to the England squad – took her phone, put in his number and said: “Text me later if you want a s**g.”

Jade said: “When I saw him, I didn’t think ‘Wow’.” She had no idea who he was until she was in his room at the Blackpool B&B. She said: “There was a knock and this guy walked in. He said he was his bodyguard.

“I asked why he needed a bodyguard and he said it was because he was a footballer. He took my phone and typed his name into Google and all these pictures came up. It was a bit awkward.”

Cleverley made his first Premier League appearance for United in Sunday’s 2-1 win against West Brom. After he starred in United’s 3-2 Community Shield win over Man City earlier this month, defender Rio Ferdinand called him “magnificent”.

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