Did you know?

Hell does not have as much fury as has a woman whose male ejaculates before she wants him to ejaculate!


Heaven does not have those pleasures that she feels like unleashing on him who ejaculates after she begs him to ejaculate!

Definition of Premature ejaculation!

1- “A person who ejaculates before his partner wants him to ejaculate or he himself wants to ejaculate.

2-“Persistent or recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it.”

Causes of premature ejaculation.

•After effects of excessive masturbation.
•Becoming overwhelmed by sexual feelings.
•Hypersensitivity of prostate gland.
• “Not-good” first sexual encounter.
•Hypersensitive Glans.
•Sexual artlessness.
•Vaginal tightness.

Bad effects of premature ejaculation on Male

•Resorts to temporary relief.
•Aggravates his problem.
•Remains anxious.
•Hurries from bad to worse.
•Loses self-esteem.
•Avoids sexual contacts.
•becomes temporarily impotent
•Loses harmony with his female.

Bad effects of Premature Ejaculation on female

•Suffers emotional trauma.
•Feels ditched.
•Remains depressed.
•Becomes quarrelsome.
•Makes issues of small things.
•Avoids sex.
•Destroys harmony with her male.
•Becomes non-serious about relationship.

Medical case records on premature ejaculation show following dismal figures

•-Males who ejaculate before penis-vaginal contact, are            15 %
•-Males who ejaculate in the first minute of penetration, are      53%
•-Males who ejaculate after two minutes of penetration, are      25%
•-Males who ejaculate after three minutes of penetration, are   17%
•-Males who ejaculate after five minutes of penetration , are     13%
•-Males who ejaculate after ten minutes of penetration, are        7%
•-Males who ejaculate after fifteen minutes of penetration, are   3%
•-Males who ejaculate at their will, are                                        0.1%
•-Males who do not like to ejaculate at all                                 0.01%