Places where smoking is prohibited are:

  1. any entertainment centre or theatre, except any pub, discotheque, night club or casino, at any time when such place is open to the public;
  2. any hospital or clinic;
  3. any public lift or toilet;
  4. any air-conditioned eating place or shop;
  5. any public vehicle or public transport terminal;
  6. any building specified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia;
  7. any airport;
  8. any government premise;
  9. any area which is used for any assembly activity in a building other than private or residential building;
  10. any area in any educational institutional or a higher educational institution;
  11. any area in a nursery;
  12. any school bus;
  13. any floor with a service counter in
    • any bank or financial institution;
    • Telekom Malaysia Berhad;
    • Tenaga Nasional Berhad;
    • Pos Malaysia Berhad;

14. any shopping complex;

15.any area in a petrol station;

16.any area in a stadium, sports complex, fitness centre or gymnasium;

17.any building or public place which is used for religious purposes;

18.any area in a library;

19.any area in an internet cafe;

20.National Service Training Centres (PLKN); or

21.any private-sector offices with centralised air-conditioning systems.