A Saudi woman wanted to give her husband a pleasant surprise on their second marriage anniversary by telling him that she was a ‘virgin again’ by using a artificial hymen from China.

Instead of applauding his wife, he divorced her.

They were celebrating their wedding anniversary at home in the Saudi capital in Riyadh when the woman happily revealed her ‘new virginity’ secret.

The man, however, was not amused. He divorced her immediately.

The Sharq daily quoted sources close to the couple as saying that the man suspected his wife of not being a virgin before their marriage as she could have used an artificial hymen then too.

The Arabic language newspaper did not identify the couple nor did it say how the woman obtained the hymen.

Such items are strictly banned in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative Muslim nations.

During intercourse, the artificial hymen will begin to ooze out a red liquid that looks like blood.

Source: emirates247.com