Hooker Jenny Thompson reveals Mario Balotelli outscores Wayne Rooney in the bedroom.

Jenny, 23, who has bedded both strikers, said: “Wayne may be the better footballer but when it comes to performance off the pitch Mario beats him in every way.”

Thompson revealed Balotelli partied and romped with her until nearly 5am — then went training with Manchester City after just three hours’ sleep.

Jenny, famous for having a threesome with Rooney, told how she and Balotelli drank champagne by a pool at his home until the early hours.

Then he took her to his bedroom for passionate sex.

Jenny said: “Mario has a fantastic body and knows exactly how to satisfy a woman.”

Her revelation will infuriate City manager Roberto Mancini, who has been angered by the Italian striker’s recent lacklustre efforts in training and during Premier League matches.

Balotelli’s performances on the pitch may be erratic — but Jenny said he’s always man of the match in the bedroom.

She added: “I’d give him a 9.5 out of 10 for the sex.

“Mario is funny, intelligent and a gentleman in the bedroom. He’s a brilliant kisser.”

Jenny met Balotelli five times during a six-week fling and they slept together twice — behind the back of his girlfriend Raffaella Fico.

The 21-year-old striker began wooing Jenny after he and a pal pulled up in his white Bentley alongside her friend’s car as it sat at traffic lights on February 19.

21st February

Balotelli trains after early hours booze and sex with Jennifer

They arranged to meet the following night at a meal Balotelli was hosting at a Manchester Indian restaurant for brother Enoch’s 19th birthday. When Jenny arrived Balotelli was sitting drinking with pals. A large bottle of Grey Goose vodka was on their table.

She said: “When I walked into the restaurant he didn’t make a massive fuss. He looked fit.

“At that stage the only interaction was flirty eyes between us.”

But when Jenny went to the toilet she came out of the cubicle to find Balotelli standing outside.

She said: “He’d obviously followed me and had a smirk on his face.

“I said ‘Oh hello, what are you doing here?’ He said he had just come to say ‘Hi’ and asked me what I was planning to do after.

“Then he asked if I wanted to go back to his for a party. I said OK. Then he leaned in for our first kiss. It was a nice kiss and he was quite gentlemanly. He didn’t try and get me in the cubicle or anything.”

Balotelli, Enoch and friends left the restaurant at 1am and Jenny and her pal followed him to his house in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

23rd February

They have sex after Balotelli tells Jennifer he has a lover.

He says: ‘I’ve only cheated on her two or three times’

She said: “We got in the pool and had champagne. I stripped to my white French knickers and bra and the boys stripped to boxers. Mario got some red swimming shorts.”

Balotelli and Jenny then cuddled up on a sofa by the pool — and he questioned the former escort girl about her infamous threesome with Manchester United striker Rooney.

She said: “He asked me about the Wayne thing. He didn’t say anything bad about Rooney. He didn’t pass judgment.

“You’d think most blokes wouldn’t want to sleep with the same woman one of their mates or colleagues had but to be honest Mario seemed to love the fact I’d slept with Wayne.

“He obviously knew about my past but wasn’t put off by it at all.

“He kept flirting with me as I was laying on his lap. Then we got in the pool and kissed for ages.”

At about 4.30am Balotelli got out of the water and said he needed to be up for training the next day. She said: “He looked at me and I followed him and we went upstairs and got in bed.”

Jenny, who has slept with 100 men, reckons Balotelli is in her top ten lovers. She added: “He was caring and tender. After we made love he cuddled me. He didn’t make me feel cheap like other men.”

It was about 5am before they finally got to sleep. Balotelli was up three hours later.

Jenny said: “In the morning we had to get up at about 8am. He said, ‘I need to go to training but you can’t come in my car’.” Jenny knew nothing at this stage of Balotelli’s Italian girlfriend Raffaella — and believed she and the City star might become an item.

25th February

Mario reveals his love for Rafaella with this T-shirt

She said: “I thought he was single and we might end up seeing quite a bit of each other.

“It was very different to when I met Wayne because I was being paid to have sex with him. With Mario I thought we may have a future.”

Jenny saw Balotelli again two days later when he invited her to Manchester’s Sakura nightclub.

They partied in the club’s VIP area before he left early, saying he had training the next day. But at 3.30am he was back at the club — returning to pick Jenny up and take her to his home.

Once there, Jenny got a nasty shock — when he confessed about Raffaella. She said: “We sat by the pool. He said something about ‘My girlfriend’ and I said ‘Sorry, what?’

“I went mad at him. He said ‘I thought you knew’ and I said ‘No, I had no idea.’ He could see I was really p****d off.

“It got quite late so we went to bed. I got into his bed and was being quite cold. He said, ‘I’ve only ever cheated on my girlfriend twice or three times’. “I said, ‘Well done. You obviously don’t love her or you wouldn’t cheat on her’.

“He said, ‘No I do love her’ but he was kind of stuck for words. But then he started canoodling again and we had make-up sex, which is often the best.”

Two days later on February 25 Balotelli publicly declared his love for Raffaella. He lifted up his City shirt after scoring to show a message in Italian which read “Raffaella, I love you.”

Jenny last spoke to Balotelli on March 13 — at her 23rd birthday party at Tiger Tiger nightclub. She said: “Mario ordered all my friends downstairs. He said ‘I have come out for your birthday. The only reason I’m here is to see you for your birthday.’

“I thought that was really sweet but it was the last time I spoke to him. I never saw him again.”

Jenny kept the relationship secret until she learned Balotelli’s agent had admitted the player had a “brief involvement” with her.

She decided to speak out when his legal team suggested she tried to blackmail the player into paying hush money – a claim she denies.

Jenny, who sent Balotelli a picture of herself in a white bikini during their fling, said: “I don’t dislike or hate Mario. I have no bad feelings towards him.

“The only reason I am speaking out about Mario is because I don’t want people thinking I targeted him. He did all the running.”

13th March

Jennifer sees Mario for the last time during her birthday party at the Tiger Tiger night spot

Model Raffaella is said to be heartbroken over the fling.

But Jenny said: “The fact that Mario has come out and admitted our relationship proves to me he wants to make a go of it with her.

“This way they have solid ground to move on from. Good luck to them. I think they’ll work it out.”

Jenny now hopes to open a beauty salon — and finally put her notorious past behind her. In 2010 Jenny told how Rooney slipped away from pregnant wife Colleen for £1,200-a-night threesomes with her and a hooker pal.

Jenny, who has also been linked to footballers Jack Rodwell and Kevin Nolan and boxer Amir Khan, said: “I know I will always have a bad reputation about Wayne. But I am just a normal girl looking for love.”

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk