A NEWLY-WED woman in Taiwan accidentally dialled her husband’s number on her touch-screen smart phone as she was having sex with her lover, just in time for the husband to hear her breathing heavily on the line, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

The husband, only known as Zhang, rushed home after he received the call at work, thinking that his wife could be in trouble.

However, the engineer was shocked to find his wife sitting on their marital bed only in her undergarments. The blanket was also missing.

The wife told Zhang that she had taken off the bed linens to wash them and was about to take a shower.

Suspecting something amiss, Zhang searched the house and found a man, wrapped in the blanket, inside the guest room closet.

“My heart was broken,” he said, adding that he had seen the man’s photo in his wife’s Facebook profile.

He later lodged a police report.

At the police station, Zhang’s wife claimed that the man was merely visiting as she was going for a shower after cleaning the house.

The lover meanwhile told the police he was visiting the woman, an old friend, and had gone into the closet to masturbate when she was having a shower.