Lin's Facebook profile photo and Lin in real life.Lin’s Facebook profile photo and Lin in real life.

Facebook may be the world’s greatest social network, but for some people it’s the worst love matchmaker.

One man in Banciao, New Taipei City in Taiwan fell in love with a girl he met online, despite knowing she had a boyfriend and they had a child together, and went so far as to threaten the boyfriend with a gun and even trying to shoot him—all without ever seeing her for real.

When the police arrested him and he finally met his dreamgirl, however, she wasn’t the same pretty woman as in her picture! Talk about a cautionary tale of not judging a book by its cover.

Zhang Ming Xi, 30, had met Lin, 24, on Facebook and had fallen in love with her photos. Despite her telling him of her lover of five years and their daughter, Zhang sent her countless messages and called her constantly after finding her phone number on her profile page.

“You’re very pretty. Can you please give me a chance?” he begged her.

Though she tried to ignore him, Zhang continued to pursue her until she had to confide to her boyfriend, Weng Jian Wen, that Zhang was no longer being friendly but was actually bothering her. After Weng’s warnings to Zhang to stay away from them went unheeded, Weng convinced him to settle the matter face-to-face.

The two men went to a coffee shop to talk, but a fistfight broke out between Zhang and his two buddies against Weng and his 10 mates. In the scuffle, Zhang threatened 35-year-old Weng with a gun and then tried to shoot him, but lucky for Weng the bullet got stuck in the barrel.

Zhang ran away and went into hiding for a month before the police were finally able to track him down. Apparently, he had an outstanding arrest warrant and a previous record for a drug violation. On top of the new charges of assault and possession of firearms, Zhang now faces a full conviction and a lengthy jail term.

Even after he was caught, however, Zhang refused to admit any regret for his actions. But that was until he finally met his “goddess” in person at the police station—she didn’t look like the girl on Facebook he fell in love with and his dreams were destroyed.

“She looks so hot in her photos compared to the real person,” he said. “I made a mistake.”

Source: Apple Daily

Published: 22nd June 2012