All right, ladies, don’t get your knickers in a knot but—believe it or not—today is No Panty Day.

The Twitter-verse has exploded with posts, comments, messages and general tomfoolery over the next “panties optional” 24 hours. Confirming the trending subject was Twitter user Ghetto Uberfacts, and others were quick to jump in.

“In the spirit of No Panty Day I took mine off… but ssshhhh… don’t tell anyone,” announced BlondTink.

“Yaaaaay!!! So nobody is wearing panties today okay fine by me,” squealed Deadloxx Rasta.

“Its dangerous especially when you’re using stairs,” warned Babyjane Juliet, who’s keeping her bloomers on because she’s wearing a short skirt.

“Oh. Men are getting excited about No Panty Day – same ones that won’t see any evidence of it,” teased

More modest Twitter users, however, are saying knickers to No Panty Day. “I do not believe it is world no panty day. I need proof,” demanded Gabe Mercado.

Daily Chilli checked about and there’s nothing on Wikipedia about leaving your panties in your drawers.

We suspect it’s just men’s way of getting even for No Pants Day, where guys spend the day outside without their trousers. You know, as opposed to sitting inside on the couch all night watching football on TV in their underwear.

And ladies, think of it as one less item for the laundry. Can’t say pants to that!

Published: 22nd June 2012