A fun night out with friends ended tragically for a 17-year-old social butterfly who thought that the drug she took was “just ecstasy”.

The girl, whom close friends called Hayley, did not know that the pill was a mix of unknown deadly substances.

The teenager, a student at a private school, who had already been accepted to study in a university in the US, died after taking the pill recently.

Her best friend, who only wished to be identified as Catherine, said: “She probably thought that she was popping an ecstasy pill but it contained more than that.”

“She was usually really careful and knew not to mix drugs and alcohol and we would also watch out for her just to be sure.

“Her death came as a devastating shock to both her family and friends,” added Catherine. “I wasn’t there. She was with a different group of friends when this happened,” she added.

She said they had been close friends since they were 13, adding that both shared an interest in performing arts.

“She always wanted to be an actress,” Catherine said.

Source: The Star @ 20/09/2012.