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PUTRAJAYA: Health Ministry director-general Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman was fined RM3,000 in default three months’ jail by a Syariah High Court here for committing khalwat (close proximity) Wednesday.

While his female companion Wan Syarifah Nooraazmanita Wan Hassan, 35, was fined RM2,900 in default 30 days jail for committing the same offence.

Both pleaded guilty to the charge before Syarie judge Mohd Amran Mat Zain and paid the fine.

They committed the offence at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside at about 2.18am on Nov 14.

Both were unrepresented.

PUTRAJAYA 14 Nov. – Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman dan pasangannya masing-masing didenda RM3,000 dan RM2,900 terhadap tuduhan berkhalwat di sebuah hotel, di sini, awal pagi semalam.

Hakim Syarie Amran Mat Zin menjatuhkan hukuman itu selepas Dr Hasan dan Wan Sharifah Nooraazmanita Wan Hassan, 36, mengaku salah terhadap tuduhan masing-masing mengikut Seksyen 27(a) dan 27(b) Akta Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah (Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan) 1997.

Mereka dituduh melakukan kesalahan itu di bilik nombor 5227, Hotel Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, No 2 Jalan P5/5, 62220, Putrajaya, sekitar jam 2.18 pagi semalam.

Terdahulu, Dr Hasan dan pasangannya yang tidak diwakili peguam mengaku faham kesan pengakuannya selepas pertuduhan dibacakan jurubahasa mahkamah.

Pendakwaan diketuai oleh Pendakwa Syarie Kanan, Che Saupi Che Husin, Mohd Hafiz Idris dan Faizal Ahmad.

Mengikut fakta kes, ketika pemeriksaan, sepasukan penguat kuasa agama diketuai Ketua Pegawai Penguatkuasa Agama (KPPA) Wan Jaafar Wan Ahmad mendapati pintu bilik hotel berkenaan ditutup rapat, sebelum Wan Jaafar mengetuk pintu, sambil memberi salam.

Kira-kira lima minit kemudian, pintu bilik berkenaan dibuka oleh seorang lelaki Islam iaitu tertuduh pertama yang memakai baju kemeja lengan pendek berwarna biru muda dan seluar panjang berwarna coklat.
Hasil pemeriksaan lanjut mendapati seorang wanita Islam tidak bertudung dan memakai baju kemeja T hitam dan seluar panjang hitam duduk di kerusi berhampiran katil iaitu tertuduh kedua.

Hasil siasatan mendapati kedua-dua tertuduh tidak mempunyai sebarang hubungan mahram dan bukan suami isteri.

Hasil siasatan juga mendapati tertuduh lelaki adalah duda, manakala tertuduh perempuan masih bersuami dan kini dalam proses bercerai.

A full-time national serviceman had sex six times with a secondary school student, 14, in his Bedok flat and in a tent in a park last year.

The offences were discovered when she underwent an abortion in her fifth month of pregnancy in March this year.

Shanurfahmi Shariman, 22, was jailed two years yesterday for underage sex.

District Judge Low Wee Ping said that the married Shanurfahmi, who already has a daughter born out of wedlock, should have known better and the law had to be more severe in this case.

He had pleaded guilty last month.

At the hearing yesterday, the court heard that probation was not recommended because Shanurfahmi was fully aware of the consequences of his actions and had taken advantage of a young naive teenager. — The Straits Times/Asia News Network

A series of sex videos involving A-class actresses in South Korea have been leaked.

The videos were exposed after a high-ranking official’s residence was broken into around June, Chinese media reported.

Following the leak, the country’s entertainment industry – known for its ‘casting couch’ practices – will definitely get another hit after the suicide of Jang Ja-Yeon two years ago.

These videos, featuring female celebrities from 107G channel, have been circulating on the Internet recently.

It was reported that some of the artistes have starred in popular dramas. However, none of them has been identified.

The man in the videos is believed to be the same person and the background of most of them are the same.

It is believed the stars were secretly taped while offering sex to the man, said to be a high-ranking official in the country.

‘Casting couch’ is an open secret in South Korean showbiz, which involves female artistes having to offer sex in exchange for opportunities.

Jang Ja-Yeon was one of them. The 26-year-old took her own life in March 2009 when she could no longer cope with the ‘casting couch’.

Reportedly, the actress left behind several suicide notes claiming that she had been forced to have sex with dozens of men.

Source: Agencies

Model filmed having sex in a park

A video clip of a couple having sex in a park in Hong Kong has gone viral on the Internet.

According to the post, the clip was filmed on Christmas Day at Tin Hau in Causeway Bay.

After the video was uploaded on Dec 26, it was widely forwarded and re-posted onto other websites.

Curious netizens had also conducted a search for the identities of the pair.

But before they could find out anything, filmmaker Stephen Shiu revealed the answer.

According to the producer of the world’s first 3D porn film Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the woman in the video is model Tess Chu.

Tess has, however, denied this, saying she had chicken pox and was resting at home on the day the video was said to have been filmed.

Netizens also have doubts over the authenticity of the video.

They suspected that the video was intentionally filmed and released to boost the popularity of the 23-year-old, who is also a TV host.

Source: Agencies