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KUALA LUMPUR: Two women were raped and robbed during “staged” job interviews in two separate incidents.

On Saturday, a 22-year-old fresh graduate went to a budget hotel in the city to attend the “interview” after she applied for a sales promoter job through a website.

City deputy CID chief Asst Comm Khairy Arasah said a few days earlier, the victim had sent a job application to an e-mail address (, and was asked to attend the interview by the suspect at about 3.30pm.

He said in an e-mail, the victim was offered RM400 per day for the job by the suspect.

The victim was asked to meet the “interviewer” in a room at the hotel.

“When she entered the room, the suspect who was alone, raped her before robbing her of her belongings,” he said at a press conference yesterday.

In early August, another woman was also raped and robbed after she was duped into attending a similar “interview” in a different hotel in the city.

Initial investigations revealed both cases involved a single suspect using the same modus operandi.

ACP Khairy said the suspect did not leave his name, address or contact number when registering at the hotel.

He has advised the public, especially women, to check with the hotels when they are asked to attend an interview to prevent any untoward incidents.

Police have released the photofit (pic) of the suspect and are seeking the public’s help to apprehend him.

Both the cases are being investigated under Section 376 for rape and 392 for robbery.

A fun night out with friends ended tragically for a 17-year-old social butterfly who thought that the drug she took was “just ecstasy”.

The girl, whom close friends called Hayley, did not know that the pill was a mix of unknown deadly substances.

The teenager, a student at a private school, who had already been accepted to study in a university in the US, died after taking the pill recently.

Her best friend, who only wished to be identified as Catherine, said: “She probably thought that she was popping an ecstasy pill but it contained more than that.”

“She was usually really careful and knew not to mix drugs and alcohol and we would also watch out for her just to be sure.

“Her death came as a devastating shock to both her family and friends,” added Catherine. “I wasn’t there. She was with a different group of friends when this happened,” she added.

She said they had been close friends since they were 13, adding that both shared an interest in performing arts.

“She always wanted to be an actress,” Catherine said.

Source: The Star @ 20/09/2012.

A 16-year-old boy in Brazil reportedly died after masturbating too much.

He was allegedly to have masturbated more than 40 times throughout the night last month and was found dead by his mother in the morning.

The woman said she had planned to bring her son for sexual addiction treatment, but it was too late.

According to the teenager’s classmates, the boy was “highly addicted” to sex and was always fascinated about women in all body shapes and ages.

He had apparently also asked his friends to watch him masturbate through webcam.

The boy had stacks of pornographic magazines in his room. A large amount of erotic pictures and films were also found in his computer.

Source: Agencies

Zheng GangZheng Gang

There are loads of myths about masturbation—hairy palms, going blind… Here’s a new one: you can wank yourself to death.

In China, a 35-year-old medical student died while donating his semen for the fifth time in two months. Nurses at the Hubei Provincial Human Sperm Bank found Zheng Gang unconscious in the donor room and he died on the way to the hospital.

No one knows what happened in the 45 minutes Zheng was in the room alone, and the cause of his death remains a mystery because his body was cremated the day after he died without an autopsy.

Those who knew Zheng from the Huazhong University Of Science And Technology, which owned the sperm bank, said he was healthier than any of them. “I hadn’t seen him sick in three years,” said one of his lecturers, Professor Lin.

Zheng was an attending doctor at the Heart And Brain Surgery Department of Laohekou Number 1 Hospital, but he resigned in 2008 to pursue his masters degree and PhD. He visited his former colleagues from time to time, and records show they gave him a complete medical check 10 days before he died.

The report said Zheng, standing at 178cm and weighing in at 80kg, was in excellent health. “Even when he was working here, we had not seen him sick,” said one medical attendant.

Zheng Jinlong carrying the evidence he collected himself.Zheng Jinlong carrying the evidence he collected himself.

Zheng Jinlong, Zheng Gang’s father, received 88,000 yuan (RM44,000) from his son’s university as compensation, and they waived the 20,000 yuan (RM10,000) tuition fee for his daughter-in-law who’s also a student there. Jinlong, however, has filed a 4mil yuan (RM2mil) lawsuit against the institution.

“I asked for a post mortem on my son a few times, but my requests were rejected. Something must have gone wrong. My son was so healthy,” said Jinlong, reading the indictment at the hearing of the case last week. He added that he was unable to afford a lawyer and had collected the evidence himself.

According to the Hubei Provincial Human Sperm Bank website, a qualified donor must donate his semen from eight to 15 times in six months to earn between 3,800 and 4,800 yuan (RM1,900 to RM2,400). An additional 200 yuan (RM100) fee is paid out if the donor completes his assignment in three months.

Source: Southern Metropolitan News

Published: 25th June 2012

Why paint with brushes when you've got breasts?Why paint with brushes when you’ve got breasts?

What’s the difference between a nude painting and painting nude? According to reality boob tube show Thailand’s Got Talent, it means earning your 15 minutes of fame—and then some.

Duangjai Jansaunoi, 23, went on the show, whipped off her top, chucked a few buckets of paint on her body and then proceeded to “paint” on a giant canvas with her breasts—much to the shock, horror, laughter, jeers and cheers from the three judges, thousands of audience members and millions of home viewers.

In the episode broadcast on Thailand’s national TV on Sunday, Duangjai, who hails from the north, introduced herself as an “independent artist”.

She started her performance with an actual paint brush, dancing, and then slowly removing her shirt and bra, showering herself with red, yellow, blue and green paint, smearing the paint all over herself, turning to face the packed hall with a smile, then rubbing her naked body all over the canvas.

The final work of art was a patchwork of smudges.

Title: Knockers. Artist: Naked girl. Type: Breasts on canvas.Title: Knockers. Artist: Naked girl. Type: Breasts on canvas.

Cameras caught a multitude of audience reactions, from gasps to applause, as sole female judge Pornchita Na Songkhla hit the reject button in the middle of the performance and stopped her from carrying on. The stage crew quickly handed her a towel to cover herself up.

However, the two male judges on the panel, director-producer Pinyo Reudhamma and singer-actor Jirayut Wattanasin, both voted her into the next round of the competition, which sparked a fiery argument with Pornchita and caused her to storm off the set.

“How can this be art? Anyone can do it! It’s boldness, not talent. It’s not appropriate. Within the Thai cultural context, I can’t support this,” Pornchita said in disgust. Duangjai, defending herself, replied: “If I paint in a normal way, it would be too ordinary.”

The next day, the government rebuked the show, labelling the performance “indecent” and “very shocking”, and summoned the producers and station executives to explain why the “inappropriate content” wasn’t edited out of the primetime broadcast, as the show was pre-recorded.

Channel 3 was ultimately fined 500,000 baht (RM50,000). But more controversy followed days later when the press exposed Duangjai as a nude model who was hired for 10,000 baht (RM1,000) to get on the show to boost ratings. The stunt casting was confirmed by her own parents.

Since Thailand’s Got Talent debuted last year, contestants have pulled out the stops to get on TV and win the 10,000,000 baht (RM1mil) prize. A skinny young man once stripped down to a G-string while dancing like a drunken go-go boy. Ironically, Pornchita saw talent in that and voted him through while the other two male judges cast him out.

Meanwhile, a clip of Duangjai’s routine has gone viral on YouTube, attracting over a million views in one week.

Source: The Nation, Thailand

Published: 23rd June 2012

Sext rule: Don't text head shots. You don't want your face all over the internet.Sext rule: Don’t text head shots. You don’t want your face all over the internet.

A new study, announced last week, finds that one in five teens have sent sexually explicit photos on their mobile phone—many of them with no awareness of the psychological, social and legal consequences of doing so.

In the US, those sending or receiving sexual pictures of people under 18 risk charges as serious as possession or distribution of child pornography. But even when minors understand the legal consequences, many continue to “sext”.

In the study, the University Of Utah recruited 606 students from a private high school who completed a questionnaire about their experiences of sexting and their understanding of what consequences they believed were associated with being caught sexting.

The students were also asked about their attitudes toward sending sexually explicit mobile phone photos—for example, in what context it might be wrong.

Nearly 20 percent of the students, some as young as 14, said they had sent a sexually explicit image of themselves via mobile phone, and nearly twice as many said that they had received a sexually explicit photo. Of those receiving such a picture, over 25 percent indicated that they had forwarded it to others.

The findings were published online in the journal Archives Of Sexual Behaviour.

Last month, Britain issued a report stating that teenage girls were experiencing increasing pressure to text and email sexually explicit pictures of themselves, with many accepting it “as a fact of life”. In the report, sexting was said to affect more than a third of adolescents under the age of 18.

If you’re an adult, however, here are some rules on how to sext.

Rule #1: Don’t sext with minors. It’s creepy and it’s just child pornography.

Rule #2: Don’t sext head shots. If things go wrong, you don’t want your face plastered all over the internet.

Rule #3: Make sure you have a texting plan that allows you to send a lot of messages. No one likes a huge phone bill to come in the mail. It can really ruin your mojo.

Source: Relaxnews

TWO students were filmed having sex on the grounds of a school in Hulu Selangor, reported Kosmo!

The young lovebirds, both Secondary One students, were filmed having their tryst at the edge of their school field on a mobile phone on April 13.

However, their act was only discovered a week later when other students reported it to their school’s disclipinary teacher on April 21.

When the teacher informed the girl’s parents, her family members then confronted and beat up the boy and others who filmed the act.

The boys, who suffered injuries to their heads, eyes and bodies after being assaulted with rotan and various pieces of wood, were later handed over to the police.

They were released after 24 hours. The boy may be charged with rape.

Seorang pelajar perempuan yang masih beruniform sekolah menengah iaitu berkain biru muda dan berbaju kurung putih dirogol beramai-ramai di dalam kawasan sunyi kelihatan seperti di dalam kebun atau hutan. Pelaku yang merogol kira-kira tiga hingga lima orang dilihat turut memakai pakaian sekolah menengah iaitu berseluar hijau dan berbaju putih. Perogol merogol pelajar tersebut dengan cara paksa, iaitu dengan memegang pelajar tersebut beramai-ramai sambil menekup mulutnya supaya tidak dapat menjerit. Sambil salah seorang dari rakan perogol merakam perbuatan mereka, namun hanya wajah perempuan yang dapat dilihat. Perbuatan mereka mengalahkan binatang!

Apalah nak jadi budak-budak sekolah sekarang ni? Sampai ada yang berani merogol rakan satu sekolah beramai-ramai pulak tu. Mak bapak diorang ni tak ajar atau diorang ni memang bangsa kurang hajar? Budak-budak sekolah sekarang makin melampau, inilah akibat pengaruh yang bukan-bukan perangai macam celaka, macam setan.

Binatang-binatang yang melakukan perbuatan terkutuk ini langsung tidak mahu melepaskan pelajar tersebut. Mereka juga tiada perasaan belas walaupun pelajar itu meronta-ronta dan menjerit. Akhirnya pelajar tersebut hanya mampu menyerah diri dengan membiarkan binatang-binatang itu merogol, meraba dada dan kemaluannya. Pelajar tersebut hanya mampu pasrah.

Source: hotmalays


Bermacam – macam perangai dan gelagat budak-budak sekolah sekarang ni. Budak sekolah yang bertudungpun  berani melakukan hubungan seks di tempat awam yang terbuka. Apa dah jadi ni.. nak jadi pornstar ke?. Keruntuhan moral budak-budak sekolah sekarang ini semakin ketara,ramai diantara mereka yang tidak lagi peduli dengan nasihat dan leteran ibubapa serta guru2 mereka..sehinggakan mereka dah terlampau berani melakukan apa sahaja yang mereka inginkan termasuklah melakukan seks dengan teman lelaki / teman wanita mereka secara terbuka. Nampaknya sistem pendidikan di Malaysia tidak lagi memberi kesan untuk mendidik akhlak sesetengah pelajar di Malaysia ini sehingga ada yang bertindak melampaui batas.
Di bawah ini gambar-gambar bukti yang menunjukkan terdapat budak sekolah yang cukup berani melakukan seks walaupun di tempat awam. Gambar ini sebenarnya hasil dari screenshot video yang diperolehi di, namun begitu  tidak perlulah link video tersebut didedahkan kepada umum memandangkan ia memalukan.
Di dalam video ( dlm youtube) tersebut kelihatan seorang individu yang tidak dikenali merakamkan adengan seks sepasang remaja sekolah dari dalam sebuah rumah. Intipan itu dilakukan melalui sebuah tingkap. Melihat keadaan persekitaran, pasangan ini nampaknya benar-benar melakukan aktiviti seks di tempat terbuka tanpa menghiraukan keadaan di sekeliling mereka.
Source: hotmalays

Teen gets probation for sex with minor

He was 15 years old and she was 12 when they first had sex three years ago, in 2009.

Over the next eight months until April 2010, they did it eight more times at staircase landings in blocks of flats near their secondary school in Jurong. He would also punch and slap her whenever they argued.

On Tuesday, the teenager, now 18-years-old, was placed on probation for 18 months by a district court.

The teen is not named as it could lead to the identification of the victim.

He was also ordered to serve 100 hours of community service and his housewife mother, 61, and sister, 31, an administrative assistant, agreed to place a S$5,000 (RM12,000) bond to ensure he will abide by the conditions of the probation.

Source: The Straits Times/ANN