Many Malaysians men aged 19 to 60 have confessed in a Universiti Sains Malaysia survey that they ejaculate even before having sexual intercourse with their partner.

The study/survey recorded case of a married couple who never had a fulfilled intercourse for four years because the husband was unable to control his excitement and would often ejaculate before penetration said USM Men’s Health Clinic head Assoc Prof Shaiful Bahari Ismail who did the study on premature ejaculation.

Some men hardly last a minute after intra-vaginal activity, adding that this caused distress and sexual boredom that might lead to divorce if the wife had a high sex drive.

According to his Premature Ejaculation Perception and Attitude study, about 29% of Malaysians aged between 19 and 60 suffer from some sort of premature ejaculation.

The percentage could be higher, considering many are unable to practise healthy and regular intercourse and also because they lead very stressful lives, he said in an interview here.

A World Health Organisation report said early ejaculation was the most common of all sexual difficulties among men and it was estimated that between 25% and 33% of men ejaculated “before they want to”.

Based on the studies, women who experienced problems of sexual fulfilment were more open to talk about the issue when interviewed without the presence of their husband or partner.

This is in contrast to men who would rather be in a denial mode even in one-to-one interviews.

When the denial is allowed to fester, it would lead to other problems like unnecessary stress.

This could lead to psychological problems and, if not controlled, would eventually affect their manhood and self-esteem.

The premature ejaculation was becoming a threat to Malaysians and might be one of the causes of the increasing divorce rate.

Malaysian men felt that it was taboo to speak about the condition and preferred to “sweep the problem under the carpet”.

Married women also preferred to be silent because it could affect their husbands’ self-esteem.

The family medicine specialist said there was no cure for premature ejaculation because it was “all in the mind”.

Source: The Star @ 18/07/2010.