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Real life sex

Sex always looks mind-blowing in the movies, but does it really matter if your bedroom reality is totally different?

If, like many people, you got most of your sex education from porn sites or the cinema, you might be wondering why your real love life doesn’t match up.

But don’t start feeling bitterly disappointed, or tell your partner that they’re rubbish because they don’t know how to ‘do it’ properly. To put it bluntly, you might be having a problem telling the difference between red light and real life.

Porn v reality

Let’s start with the storylines for fictional sex. Porn movies are happy to show you horny housewives dragging any old plumber, milkman or pizza delivery boy straight in off the doorstep for a mind-blowing shag. In everyday life, women just don’t do stuff like that, in case the complete stranger is some dangerous psycho or (more likely) plug-ugly, pimply, and inexperienced.

Bodies are another thing. Your average male has a lardy catering-pack rather than a six-pack on his belly, and doesn’t tend to be covered in fake tan and baby oil when he whips his kit off. Real women tend to be OK about this. And as for those fourteen inch erections, let me whisper this, some of them are fakes so don’t worry too much guys. Oh, and a woman’s nipples are not supposed to point directly upwards at the ceiling like missiles if she’s lying on her back. Naturally curvy females have cellulite too, and it isn’t some rare disease.

Cinema sex is always so nicely choreographed. Never any embarrassing fumbling, tripping over half-removed knickers, squelching noises, knobs slipping out unexpectedly, fits of giggles, or fanny farts. Or people saying: “Oops! Sorry!” or: “Up a bit, left a bit”. The script just goes off into this ‘perfect’ sequence, with telepathic partners who both know exactly what to do, and when to do it. In reality, if you don’t communicate, your love life tends to go down the pan very fast.

Pass the sick-bucket

Safer sex? Even asking if she’s on the pill? Nope, they just get straight down to getting jiggy. Mr Porn Star can bang away for hours at a time, and Ms Porn Star reaches a climax after zero foreplay and a mere sixty seconds of pushing and shoving, and she screams a lot. Not bad for two people who only met for the first time five minutes earlier.

Romantic movies are even worse, and always seem to show the beautiful couple having simultaneous orgasms, gazing tenderly into each other’s eyes. Aaah, how sweet. Pass the bucket. When it comes to love and sex this situation is as rare as rocking horse poo, but who hasn’t worried about their timing being less than perfect?

So don’t worry if the fact doesn’t match up to the glossy fantasy. Relax, write your own script.

Touch And Feel

Why do the kisses of the one you love, linger in your heart like very fragrance of rose?
Why does his touch send shivers down your spine, each time you think of it?
Why do you feel that you belong to him and you want to live your whole life with only him?

This is because you love him and the feeling of his gentle touch is so amazing that you cant live without it. Touch is a wonderful and sensuous feeling. So touch, explore and feel him inside your mind and body. If you are interested in exploring the sensual side of life then read on. All that you need is to spend a quite romantic evening with your partner and make it exciting through the use of sight, smell, taste and touch. If done correctly it will leave your lover in absolutely no doubt about how much you love him, and will create memories that can last a lifetime.
Things you need for the special evening


  • One or two hours of uninterrupted time.
  • The comfort of your bedroom or if you prefer some other place then it should be some private area of a room.
  • Satin or silk sheets will do wonders.
  • A collection of soft pillows.
  • Soft romantic music with soft lighting to create that romantic effect for the evening.
  • Aphrodisiacs like, strawberry, chocolate, etc.
  • Decorate the room with flowers and candles.
  • Sensual props that invoke different feelings, such as feathers, a sponge with a bowl of warm water and ice in a bowl, fruits etc.

Now start the ritual of touch and feel:

First of all make your partner lie down on the bed or couch and then blindfold him. Undress him and you too undress if you still haven’t done it. Do the following steps, in the order laid down. Don’t be in a hurry and spend at least 10 mins on each step.

1. Gently blow on various parts of your partner’s body but don’t tickle him. Your actions should be romantic and sensuous, and not comical. Blow in circular and soft manner concentrating on the sensitive parts.

2. With your fingertips lightly explore your partner’s body massaging him gently.

3. Now is the time to use props that you have gathered. Using something silky, like a silk scarf or feather, trace your partner’s body. Be very gentle and sexy.

4. Using something slightly damp, like a washcloth or piece of fruit lightly caress your partner’s body. You can also use the hot and cold treatment. Take a bowl of hot water, dip the cloth in it and caress your partner’s body, then dip the cloth in cold water and lightly caress him.

5. Kiss your partner’s body with your lips and lightly lick his sensitive parts with your tongue. Be very gentle and sexy and spend 10 to 15 mins doing this ritual.

6. The last step is to gently caress your partner’s body with both hands and give him the most beautiful experience he ever had.

The entire ritual should take atleast 1 hour and rest assured this will be the best experience he has ever had which he will cherish his entire life unless you can do better the next time. You may want to include more steps as well. Just remember to take your time and pay attention to how your partner reacts to certain things that you do. All you have to do is be attentive and give him the best of you.

People generally treat masturbation as a taboo, something that is forbidden and sinful. We grow up to believe that masturbation is unhealthy and that it’s only for the sad and desperate. However masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. According to some health care providers masturbation allows a healthy way to express & explore your sexuality and to release sexual tension without all the associated risks of sexual intercourse.

There are several benefits to masturbation::

  • Masturbation can help relieve stress
  • It relieves menstrual cramps
  • It helps those who suffer from insomnia (i.e. when a person is having trouble falling asleep)
  • It stimulates the immune system to help build up resistance to common infections.
  • It releases mood elevating hormones, which helps boost your sex life.
  • It helps strengthening the pelvic muscles.
  • It helps in fighting yeast infections (by increasing blood flow to the pelvis).
  • It reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Masturbation provides an excellent opportunity to get to know your body and what turns you on better. By experimenting with different rhythms, toys or breathing exercises, you’re able to get more in tune with your sexual response. Once you discover what works for you, you can articulate or show your partner what turns you on and your confidence as a lover will increase.

Different kinds of touch

Masturbation can be all the more satisfying if you vary the ways in which you touch yourself. Choose a time when you can be alone, relaxed and comfortable, and lie back and run your hands over your body. Try strokes, caresses, nips, pinches and gentle scratches.

Taking your time

Concentrate on areas that particularly excite you, but try not to stimulate only the most obvious bits. You’re likely to bring yourself to orgasm by stimulating your penis or clitoris, but it will be more arousing, and your climax more satisfying, if you explore as much of your body as possible.

Try this

Masturbation can feel so much better if you introduce contrasting sensations. Try stroking yourself slowly with:

  • hands covered in oil or cream
  • a feather
  • fake fur
  • a silk scarf
  • a body brush
  • a sponge run under hot water, then under cold

Sharing your discoveries

When you’ve had a chance to explore your body and you know what turns you on, you could think about sharing your discoveries with your partner. This will help your partner understand your body and needs and also improve your sex life. Also your partner can show you the areas that sexually stimulate him. Mutual masturbation or body rubbing has a variety of advantages. It’s safe, with no risk of pregnancy or infection. Non-penetrative sex also reduces the pressure to perform. All in all, brushing up your masturbation skills can add a lot to your sex life.

To keep the passion alive in your married life you have to be creative and a full of surprises for your man. Believe us men love surprises and if you can satisfy them when they had least expected it, it is the ultimate sexual ecstasy for both of you. Thus try this “Take-Him-By-Surprise” method and see how he craves for more once you are through.

To begin with you have to unleash five minutes of furious passion on him when he least expects it. Take him absolutely by surprise. For example, join him in the bath and make his morning shower so enjoyable that the feeling will linger on till evening when you can do a slow motion replay of it again.

You can also snuggle beside him when he is about to get up for work and slide your hands inside his PJs to let him know exactly what you want and whisper ‘You are so hot, I’ve got to have you right now’. A surprise quickie is what will keep the passion and zeal alive in your sex life.

Now if the morning’s are too hectic with work and preparing the children for school and office etc you can choose the evenings or initiate a spontaneous mid afternoon romp on the weekend: Give him a chore to do in a secluded spot in the house and surprise him with a speedy sex session.

Sex is a very memorable and enjoyable experience. Make it thrilling and passionate by letting your imagination run wild. Be bold and expressive. Know your man and learn what he likes. Study his moods and how he feels and smells, the way he moves, the look he gets when he’s turned on and wants to be in you. This emotional and sexual connection is what makes the sex passionate and pleasurable.

It often happens that you are just not in the mood for sex and your husband is totally heated up. He’s the one who asks for sex and you’re the one who refuses. It might be happening because you must be tired and stressed out or you might be bugged by his begging for sex or just that you do not want sex. After a while, The whole process becomes so boring that you don’t even think about whether you want to say no, you just say it – partly because you feel like he’s begging, and it bugs you. Sometimes you just give in – have sex just to please him – and this is even worse. You feel used. He feels like you’re doing him a favour or just being nice out of pity and he feels insulted. And most important is that neither of you feels the least bit romantic.

Fact: Men have a biological head start when it comes to being ready for sex while It takes a woman 15 minutes to reach the same level of arousal that a guy reaches in three.

Following are a few stimulation techniques that will help you get in the mood in 5 minutes:

Stimulate yourself

Create seduction rituals that turn you on. Try to figure out what exactly turns you on and don’t wait for your hubby to do it for you. Many women feel sexier when they slide into a silk or satin gown or let their minds drift in clouds of scent. Take a warm water bath, relax yourself, give yourself sometime for preparation and do things that turn you on.

Fuel your fantasies

There’s nothing like a good, steamy fantasy to get you in the mood. The only problem is that good fantasies aren’t so easy to generate when you’re not really interested in sex. The better way out is watch a video or read something that will ignite you. Keep a few strategic books in the drawer of your nightstand for help. Go to bed early and work yourself up for the moment.

Encourage him to seduce you

Some women get bugged listening to the whining and begging for sex especially when they are not in the mood and their husband is turned on and demand sex. My advice is don’t let it get ugly. Be frank and tell him that you do not like that. If he’s forgotten how to seduce you, he needs a refresher course. Encourage him to be more verbal, to say not just ‘you turn me on’ and ‘ I want to have sex’ but tell him to be more expressive. Tell him to say why you turn him on, how you turn him on and how he would prefer to have sex. Encourage him to make efforts to ignite you and this process can be fun for both of you.

Use some bargaining technique

If you are a workingwoman then by the time you finish your work at the end of the day you are absolutely tired and you feel nothing but want to go to sleep. Your desire of sex just dies in your daily routine work – office, kids and household chores. In such circumstances what you can do is use your power to buy time. Trade chores with sex and enjoy each other more than you could even imagine. Just having your hubby help you out will turn you on.

Take matters into your own hands

The quickest, most direct way to make yourself want him is to ignite yourself so much that he really wont have to do anything else but give you his best. For this the best way is to go into the bathroom or bedroom alone and masturbate – just enough to become aroused. Then invite him to join you. Maybe you’ll tell him what you’ve been doing, and maybe you won’t. But this will solve the entire problem.

Go ahead and do it

Sometimes just doing it will get you moving on. You feel like you don’t want sex, but once you go for it, it will be fun. In fact, you will feel ecstatic. Sometimes, having sex even when you don’t feel like it is the best thing you can do.

Following are a few ways that will make you feel sexy:

1) Wear lingerie that flatters you.
2) Wear sexy clothing.
3) Learn more about pleasing your partner.
4) Take a shower together.
5) Accept compliments regarding your looks and abilities.
6) Allow yourself to feel sexy.
7) Plan at least one sensual experience a week for your love.
8) Be the dominant one in your next lovemaking session.
9) Work out.

What is it that you do to satisfy your man? Or let me put it this way “Do you think that you really satisfy your man?” Well think again. And if you find that your answer is towards the negative side well don’t worry. Learn what your man wants from you and believe me he will worship you as a sex goddess.

To keep the passion alive in your marriage sex plays a very important and pivotal role. A little variety — romantic one day, exciting and wild the next — is the key to endlessly satisfying married sex for him and for you. Therefore creativity and adventure is what you need to develop within. Contrary to popular belief, men are not always on and ready for sex. So get that belief out of your mind and always give him an idea about your sensual move.


The key to seducing your guy is building up his anticipation. Thus tell him or give him a faint idea that you are going to make his night. Whisper in his ear about how you’re planning for a steamy night, tuck a naughty note in his briefcase promising him a night of passion or call him during his lunch hour and tell him that you cant wait till you have him for dessert. This will make him mentally prepared and let his imagination run rampant which will help in achieving maximum fun and satisfaction.


The next step is to set the stage for achieving the pinnacle of satisfaction. Keep yourself absolutely free. What I mean by that is, unplug the phone. If you have children then either send them off to bed or pack them off to your in-laws place so that you can have the entire house for yourself. Spray some good perfume in the bedroom and use satin on the bed which will give a romantic and sexy feel. Wear the sexiest lingerie or night gown so that one look at you fills his mind with lust and wild desire.


Here you have to act like a pro and be in command over him. Lead him to the bed and slowly remove all his clothes showering him with passionate kisses. Then spend 10 mins touching and kissing him on the passion and hot spots. If you want you can also massage him. This drawn-out, full-body foreplay awakens every part of him and not just below his belt — and makes him crave for more. Take your time and build up the passion and excitement. Don’t let him haste you into the final show and thus if he grabs you then push him away and slow things down again.


By now your man will be nearly out of his mind with wild desire. When you see that he cant take it any more move ahead but take it slow and be in control. Start in a position where you have total control, such as on top. Run your hands over his face, over his shoulders and down his chest, and look him in the eye while you lead him to touch you where you want him to. If he tries to speed things up, wrap your legs around him to keep the pace slow and steady until you’re both ready to go. Your goal here is to make sex last for as long as you can. Thus when you feel that you might climax slow things down and try to change position at least three to four times. Thus you can experiment with new positions also. For the last act you can let him take control and enjoy a bigger, better orgasm.

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