To keep the passion alive in your married life you have to be creative and a full of surprises for your man. Believe us men love surprises and if you can satisfy them when they had least expected it, it is the ultimate sexual ecstasy for both of you. Thus try this “Take-Him-By-Surprise” method and see how he craves for more once you are through.

To begin with you have to unleash five minutes of furious passion on him when he least expects it. Take him absolutely by surprise. For example, join him in the bath and make his morning shower so enjoyable that the feeling will linger on till evening when you can do a slow motion replay of it again.

You can also snuggle beside him when he is about to get up for work and slide your hands inside his PJs to let him know exactly what you want and whisper ‘You are so hot, I’ve got to have you right now’. A surprise quickie is what will keep the passion and zeal alive in your sex life.

Now if the morning’s are too hectic with work and preparing the children for school and office etc you can choose the evenings or initiate a spontaneous mid afternoon romp on the weekend: Give him a chore to do in a secluded spot in the house and surprise him with a speedy sex session.

Sex is a very memorable and enjoyable experience. Make it thrilling and passionate by letting your imagination run wild. Be bold and expressive. Know your man and learn what he likes. Study his moods and how he feels and smells, the way he moves, the look he gets when he’s turned on and wants to be in you. This emotional and sexual connection is what makes the sex passionate and pleasurable.