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Lin's Facebook profile photo and Lin in real life.Lin’s Facebook profile photo and Lin in real life.

Facebook may be the world’s greatest social network, but for some people it’s the worst love matchmaker.

One man in Banciao, New Taipei City in Taiwan fell in love with a girl he met online, despite knowing she had a boyfriend and they had a child together, and went so far as to threaten the boyfriend with a gun and even trying to shoot him—all without ever seeing her for real.

When the police arrested him and he finally met his dreamgirl, however, she wasn’t the same pretty woman as in her picture! Talk about a cautionary tale of not judging a book by its cover.

Zhang Ming Xi, 30, had met Lin, 24, on Facebook and had fallen in love with her photos. Despite her telling him of her lover of five years and their daughter, Zhang sent her countless messages and called her constantly after finding her phone number on her profile page.

“You’re very pretty. Can you please give me a chance?” he begged her.

Though she tried to ignore him, Zhang continued to pursue her until she had to confide to her boyfriend, Weng Jian Wen, that Zhang was no longer being friendly but was actually bothering her. After Weng’s warnings to Zhang to stay away from them went unheeded, Weng convinced him to settle the matter face-to-face.

The two men went to a coffee shop to talk, but a fistfight broke out between Zhang and his two buddies against Weng and his 10 mates. In the scuffle, Zhang threatened 35-year-old Weng with a gun and then tried to shoot him, but lucky for Weng the bullet got stuck in the barrel.

Zhang ran away and went into hiding for a month before the police were finally able to track him down. Apparently, he had an outstanding arrest warrant and a previous record for a drug violation. On top of the new charges of assault and possession of firearms, Zhang now faces a full conviction and a lengthy jail term.

Even after he was caught, however, Zhang refused to admit any regret for his actions. But that was until he finally met his “goddess” in person at the police station—she didn’t look like the girl on Facebook he fell in love with and his dreams were destroyed.

“She looks so hot in her photos compared to the real person,” he said. “I made a mistake.”

Source: Apple Daily

Published: 22nd June 2012

A NEWLY-WED woman in Taiwan accidentally dialled her husband’s number on her touch-screen smart phone as she was having sex with her lover, just in time for the husband to hear her breathing heavily on the line, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

The husband, only known as Zhang, rushed home after he received the call at work, thinking that his wife could be in trouble.

However, the engineer was shocked to find his wife sitting on their marital bed only in her undergarments. The blanket was also missing.

The wife told Zhang that she had taken off the bed linens to wash them and was about to take a shower.

Suspecting something amiss, Zhang searched the house and found a man, wrapped in the blanket, inside the guest room closet.

“My heart was broken,” he said, adding that he had seen the man’s photo in his wife’s Facebook profile.

He later lodged a police report.

At the police station, Zhang’s wife claimed that the man was merely visiting as she was going for a shower after cleaning the house.

The lover meanwhile told the police he was visiting the woman, an old friend, and had gone into the closet to masturbate when she was having a shower.


Menurut laporan Polis seorang wanita telah dirogol oleh 5 lelaki disebuah kelab malam di Singapura sebelum ditinggalkan.Wanita tersebut tidak berupaya untuk mengingati kejadian malam tersebut, namun ujian mengesahkan bahawa beliau telah dirogol berulang kali dengan kesan rohypnol di dalam darahnya dan progestrex, sejenis pil “mencuci” yang kecil.
Dadah tersebut kini digunakan oleh perogol-perogol dan kemudian “mencuci” mereka. Progesterex dibekalkan kepada para Doktor haiwan untuk “mencuci” haiwan besar.Khabarnya Progesterex digunakan bersama Rohypnol, sebagai dadah “Dating” dan rogol.Apa yang mereka perlu lakukan ialah menitiskan Rohypnol ke dalam minuman si gadis, mangsa tersebut tidak akan ingat apa-apa pun esok paginya, apa yang berlaku kepadanya sepanjang malam tersebut.
Progesterex amat senang larut dalam minuman, akan “mencuci” agar simangsa tidak akan mengandung akibat dari perkosaan tersebut dan siperogol tidak bimbang untuk perlu menjalani ujian air mani dan DNA kemudian.Kesan dadah ini adalah KEKAL terhadap si mangsa.Prodesterex asalnya adalah untuk memandulkan kuda.

Mana-mana wanita yang mengambilnya TIDAK AKAN MENGANDUNG SAMPAI BILA-BILA.


Si durjana boleh memperolehi dadah ini dari pusat haiwan atau mana-mana universiti, dan ia diramalkan akan digunakan dengan berleluasa di kampus-kampus.Tolong edarkan maklumat ini kepada semua yang anda kenali, terutama teman wanita dan gadis remaja.Berwaspada apabila anda keluar, jangan biarkan minuman anda terbiar tanpa dijaga oleh orang yang anda percayai.walaupun apapun ,kaum wanita diluar sana mesti berhati-hati kerana banyak sudah ciptaan ubat-ubatan yang menyerupai situasi di diatas.

BIRMINGHAM: Seorang lelaki didapati bersalah menetak hingga mati seorang wanita sebelum membuang mayatnya ke dalam tong sampah.

Shuana Lee 36, yang hamil bayi kembar dibunuh oleh Karl Burman. Mangsa mempunyai sembilan orang anak.

Mayatnya tidak dijumpai dan dipercayai telah dibakar.

Burman, 24, dihukum penjara seumur hidup kerana membunuh.

Ketika perbicaraan dijalankan, pendakwa raya Mark Wall, memberitahu Mahkamah di Birmingham, defendan yang berang kerana wanita itu hamil lagi, memotong badan mangsa lalu memasukkannya ke dalam beg plastik hitam dan membuangnya.Polis menyiasat kehilangan Shuana tetapi tidak berjaya sehinggalah Burman mendail 999 enam bulan selepas Shuana hilang pada November 2010 dan mengaku membunuh teman wanitanya.

Wall berkata, “Dia mengaku membunuhnya dengan menggunakan penukul dan memotong mayat mangsa dengan menggunakan gunting pokok.

Burman berkata dia mengambil masa dua hari untuk mengerat mayat Shauna. Dia kemudian memasukkan mayat Shauna ke dalam plastik hitam sebelum membuangnya. – DM

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough get busy looking for someone else. But what really makes men stray? A nagging girlfriend? Bad chemistry? An escape from loneliness? Yes, yes and yes. Hear why these men slipped away from their girlfriends and landed in someone else’s arms. Then — whether you’re a guy or a girl — use the confessions below to sidestep this kind of situation in your own love life.

Reason #1: For payback
“I once cheated on my girlfriend after I saw on her cell phone that she had been text-messaging with her ex. They were pretty harmless messages, but it angered me that she had been communicating with him in the first place — I’d always thought they were a little too chummy. That night, I was out with friends and got it all off my chest. I got so worked up about those messages that I pretty much made it my mission to find another girl and kiss her or get her number, which I did. I think it was a payback thing. We eventually broke up, but not because of that incident — I never told her — but more so because we just weren’t right for each other. I know it wasn’t the best way to handle my anger, but at the time, it sure did feel good.”
– Christopher, 29, Oakland, CA

Reason #2: The chemistry just isn’t there
“Ever since I can remember, I have always been attracted to women who looked a certain way. My ex-girlfriend was great in many ways, but she was completely opposite of my usual type, looks-wise, which did absolutely nothing to make me physically attracted to her. I tried to get past it, but it was hard. About two months into our relationship, I was out with a bunch of friends and our incredibly attractive (and single!) waitress was really hitting on me. She gave me her number and asked me if I wanted me to meet her after her shift was over. I agreed, and we ended up spending the night just kissing and holding each other. It was just for one night, but it helped me realize I needed to end things with my girlfriend because I had to be with someone I was madly attracted to, not just someone who was a great friend.”
– Dave, 26, Roanoke, VA

Reason #3: Spending almost no time together as a couple
“I cheated on my ex at a time when she was traveling so much that I never saw her. It was almost as if I didn’t have a girlfriend. I got so lonely — especially on the weekend nights. I missed that companionship, both physically and emotionally. When she was gone, I began seeing someone else while I was still technically seeing my ex. I ended up telling my ex and she broke it off with me. In the end, I think things ended for the better, even though the steps I took to make it happen weren’t very honorable. I now make sure that whoever I choose to date doesn’t have a job that requires big-time traveling.”
– Scott, 30, Jessup, MD

Reason #4: Wanting to play the field instead of settling down
“I had dated Melanie all through college ever since we met at freshman orientation. After we graduated, I moved to New York and she moved to Chicago, but we decided we’d stay together. I spent nearly every weekend traveling to see her, but during the week, I’d go out with my friends in New York and have a blast. After a few months of that schedule, I knew staying true to her would be tough; going out in the city made me realize how many smart, beautiful women are out there, and never having been with anyone other than Melanie made me feel like I was missing out on a lot of fun. One night I met up with another girl, which finally made me realize I had to end things with Melanie. I told her what happened, and, as it turned out, she had done the same thing a few times. While we were both hurt, we realized we needed to take some time off. We stayed friends, and still are today, even though we’re married to different people.”
– Tom, 35, New York, NY

Reason #5: Emotional and/or lifestyle incompatibility
“I met my ex in a Weight Watchers meeting, of all places. When we started dating, we were both about 50 pounds overweight. As the months went by, I took the program really seriously and quickly dropped weight. She didn’t adhere to the program and her weight didn’t come off. After I lost the weight, I felt this new sense of confidence — women who had never spoken to me before began approaching me and it felt great. My ex, on the other hand, was depressed about being heavy and was always jealous of other women. One weekend when she was out of town, I met this gorgeous woman at my gym and we spent time together. I never told my ex, but I did end up breaking up with her a few weeks after that incident. I’ve realized since then that I need to be with women who are on the same page as me about the things in my life that are important.”
– Brad, 41, Houston, TX

Reason #6: There’s too much drama in the current relationship
“My ex and I used to live together, and we fought all the time. The constant tension made me miserable. In contrast to my ex, there was a girl at work who was easygoing, friendly and fun. One night we were both working late and ended up getting dinner together after we left. One thing led to another, and it ended up being more than a platonic night. As bad as this may sound, after that happened, I felt free. It was as if I finally had the courage to just end it with my ex already. When I came home the next morning, my ex went crazy, but for the first time, it didn’t bother me, because I knew what I was going to do. I told her exactly what had happened and that I’d be moving out that week… and I did. I began seeing the girl from work, and we’ve been together for about four months now.”
– Nate, 34, Boulder, CO

Reason #7: To provide a sorely needed shot of self-esteem
“I’m really shy and have never felt very comfortable approaching women. I once had a girlfriend who was just as shy. Our relationship was fine — nothing too exciting — but I was resigned to the fact that it was my best option. I went to a conference for business, and during one of the dinners, a really attractive, intelligent woman at my table began hitting on me like mad. I was so shocked; nothing like that had ever happened to me before. It made my self-confidence skyrocket, and I felt like I was on top of the world. She and I hung out that night and a few other times during the conference. I never told my ex about what had happened, but I did end things with her a few months later. After the conference the other woman and I never saw each other again, but the experience gave me the confidence that I could go out and approach interesting, exciting women — I just needed that push.”
– Charlie, 33, St. Louis, MO

Reason #8: To pursue the one that got away
“I once cheated on my girlfriend of six months when a girl I had been pining over for quite some time came on to me. She had been with someone else for a long time, so I knew she was off-limits. I have to admit, I’d still probably do it again; it was like my fantasy finally came true. I broke up with my girlfriend and dated this girl awhile, but we didn’t last. Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality!”
– Mark, 44, New York, NY

Source: Chelsea Kaplan  (Senior Editor at The Family Groove).

Confessions: 7 reasons why women cheat

You’ve probably heard that men cheat for physical reasons, women for emotional reasons. Sure, there’s some truth to that, but when we asked real women around the country to share why they strayed from their boyfriends, we learned they had a whole host of explanations — from bad kissing to sheer revenge. Read on for the truth about why women have given in to temptation.

Reason #1: There’s no passion
“I had been with John for about three years — he was a really nice guy, and I enjoyed being with him, but there wasn’t a ton of passion. Most everyone we knew had gotten engaged, and though John would have proposed in a second, whenever he brought it up, I’d change the subject. I took a trip to Australia for work and while I was gone, I got together with a coworker to whom I’d always been insanely attracted. I had a fantastic trip, probably because for the first time in a long time I experienced that excitement I’d been missing. I broke up with John soon after I returned home and began dating the guy from the trip. Even though I’m not super-proud of my actions, things ended up for the best: after dating for a few years, the guy from the trip and I got married and we’re incredibly happy together.”
– Giselle, 30, Montvale, NJ

Reason #2: To delay a breakup
“Right before I was going to break up with my ex, Sean, he found out that he had to put his beloved dog to sleep. He was so broken up about it that I didn’t have the heart to end things, so I waited a month or so until he was in better shape. When things seemed to be better and I was ready, he lost his job, so I felt like I was back to square one! By that time I had met someone else that I really wanted to start seeing, so I went ahead and did it. I eventually ended things, never telling Sean about my extracurricular dating. I think I rationalized that I was trying to spare his feelings.”
– Stacy, 30, Lexington, KY

Reason #3: Because absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder
“My boyfriend Greg and I decided to do the long-distance thing after I was accepted to a graduate program 200 miles from where we lived. The first few months were fine, but I soon found myself becoming extremely attracted to my lab partner, Henry. What began as innocent flirting eventually wound up with us getting physical. After the program was over, I returned home to Greg. Being with him was really difficult, but I didn’t break up with him initially because I was still attracted to him, too. I visited Henry a few times and realized that he was really more of a fling, probably done out of boredom, and that Greg was the one for me. I eventually stopped communicating with Henry. I never told Greg about what happened, which occasionally makes me feel guilty, but I chalk my cheating up to being young and silly. He and I are still together, four years after my program ended.”
– Tamara, 33, Portland, OR

Reason #4: To avoid being left out in the cold
“I began dating Eric shortly after I had been dumped by Dave, my boyfriend of two years. I was devastated and Eric was definitely a rebound thing. After Eric and I had dated for five months, Dave came back and wanted to give things another shot. I still really missed him, so I began seeing him, but never ended things with Eric. I think I sort of kept Eric around for insurance purposes, just in case things didn’t end up well with Dave. Dave and I didn’t make it on round two, and after Eric discovered through mutual friends that I had been seeing him again, he ended things with me. I definitely learned my lesson about dating two guys at the same time, not to mention trying to rekindle a relationship that’s just plain over.”
– Jen, 28, Oak Park, IL

Reason #5: To make a break from a bad relationship
“When I was younger, I dated a guy named Ethan who was really critical of me. He constantly made little snide comments about my weight, how stupid I was and how clumsy I was. For whatever odd reason, I was into him, despite the fact that all of my friends and family hated him. One weekend when he was away, I met Will at a party and we completely hit it off. He was the complete opposite of Ethan — kind, sweet and generous, yet completely cool and fun, too. We hung out all weekend and it was like a light bulb went off in my head: This is how mature, relationship-worthy guys act. I kissed Will the night before he left and broke up with Ethan soon after. Will and I dated for three years and now we’re married.”
– Allison, 30, New York, NY

Reason #6: To find that missing piece
“I’m from Florida, so I adore going to the beach and boating, but my former boyfriend, Chris, a total city boy, hated it. We always argued about where we’d take trips, and he always won. About eight months into our relationship, I took a trip to Key West with my friends and we chartered a boat for the day. The captain of the boat was this totally hot, complete ‘beach guy for life’ type, and I spent the whole day flirting with him. We met him out that night and spent time alone together. I never told Chris about it after I got home and I never felt guilty; I think part of me felt like that’s what Chris got for being so stubborn! Chris and I didn’t make it, and after we broke up, I made sure any future boyfriends loved the beach!”
– Lizzie, 32, Chicago, IL

Reason #7: To give him a taste of his own medicine
“My last boyfriend was a total player before we got together. I thought I could change him but I was wrong. I always heard rumors that he was seeing other girls while we were dating, but he always denied it. One night, I got a call from a girl he had been secretly dating, and she detailed their three-month-long relationship to me and told me about another girl she had discovered he was seeing as well. I was so mad that I went out with my friends that night, dressed to kill, and spent time with the most attractive guy; I felt like it was the least he deserved! I loved seeing the look on his face when I told him about what I did and that I knew about the other girls. And then I dumped him!”
– Ashante, 25, College Park, GA

Source: Chelsea Kaplan (Senior Editor at The Family Groove).

JPA akan beri penekanan pencapaian tugas individu

PUTRAJAYA: Satu sistem penilaian yang mengambil kira ‘keunikan’ setiap jabatan kerajaan akan diguna pakai bagi menggantikan peperiksaan Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (PTK) yang ditamatkan mulai 1 Januari ini.

Ketika PTK ditolak sesetengah kakitangan awam, sistem penilaian baru itu yang sedang dirangka oleh Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) akan turut memberi penekanan kepada pencapaian individu dalam tugas hakikinya.

Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Awam, Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Abdullah, berkata pada ketika ini, PTK ‘mengukur’ kecekapan pegawai secara sama rata tanpa banyak mengambil kira jurusan hakiki masing-masing.

“Tiap-tiap jabatan ada keunikan masing-masing jadi ia tidak boleh dinilai secara sama rata, misalnya jika kakitangan berada dalam bahagian pentadbiran tidak boleh sama dengan bahagian teknikal,” katanya ketika dihubungi Berita Harian.

Beliau berkata, sepatutnya PTK juga menekankan keunikan setiap jabatan itu
tetapi oleh kerana ia sudah menjadi budaya dalam perkhidmatan awam ia nampak seolah-olah diseragamkan.
Katanya, JPA diberi masa sehingga Jun depan untuk mengemukakan sistem penilaian baru itu seperti yang diumumkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, pada pembentangan Bajet 2011 lalu.

Beliau berkata, nama kepada sistem penilaian baru itu juga belum ditentukan.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, proses kenaikan pangkat kakitangan awam antara Januari hingga Jun depan akan diteruskan dengan keutamaan masih diberikan kepada mereka yang lulus PTK yang diduduki sebelum ini.

Menjawab soalan, katanya, sistem penilaian baru itu kelak juga akan mirip kepada kriteria Petunjuk Prestasi Utama (KPI) individu tetapi enggan menjelaskan terperinci.

Walaupun sesetengah kriteria akan berfokus kepada bidang hakiki kakitangan berkaitan, beberapa subjek seperti kenegaraan akan diteruskan dalam penilaian baru itu kelak kerana ia penting untuk seseorang kakitangan kerajaan.

Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bilangan 13/2010 yang disiarkan di laman web JPA sebelum ini menyatakan pelaksanaan PTK akan dihentikan berkuat kuasa 1 Januari ini selaras dengan pengumuman kerajaan dalam pembentangan Bajet 2011 pada Oktober lalu.

Justeru, lulus PTK bukan lagi syarat untuk kenaikan pangkat mulai 1 Januari ini.

PTK diperkenalkan dalam Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) bermula 1 November 2002 bertujuan menggalakkan pembangunan diri pegawai perkhidmatan awam melalui pembelajaran berterusan, meningkatkan budaya organisasi pembelajaran dan melaksanakan pengurusan sumber manusia berasaskan kompetensi.

PTK dimantapkan pada 2005 dan dibuat pengubahsuaian pada 2008.

Bagaimanapun, peperiksaan itu menimbulkan pelbagai kontroversi kerana dikatakan ramai kakitangan terutama yang berpengalaman sukar menikmati kenaikan pangkat.

Source: Berita Harian @ 8/12/2010.

Stones in the plumbing

Kidney stones are much more common than bladder stones, and can lead to serious complications.

THE body gets rid of some of its waste products through the urine produced in the kidneys. Sometimes, the waste products form crystalline substances which collect inside the kidney, and in the course of time, form hard masses, i.e. stones.

Kidney stones (renal calculi) are common in our country and usually affect people from the third decade of life onwards, with more males being affected. They are much more common than bladder stones.

The vast majority of renal calculi contain calcium with uric acid, with other compounds making up the rest.

The mechanisms that lead to the formation of renal calculus include supersaturation of urine by stone-forming compounds with the formation of microscopic structures on foci of crystals or foreign bodies in the kidney; and the deposition of stone-forming compounds on parts of the kidney, with gradual increase in the deposits by calcium compounds to form calculus. Sometimes the calculus may become large (staghorn calculus).

Flushed out: Most renal stones are small, and it is generally accepted that 80% of patients will pass out urine stones that are up to 4mm in diameter.

Various factors increase the likelihood of calculus formation. They include:

·Hypercalciuria, which is an increased amount of calcium in the urine. This may be related to increased absorption of calcium by the intestines, increased breakdown of calcium in the bones, and an inability of the kidneys to retain calcium during urine formation.

·Small amounts of fluid intake lead to the production of small amounts of urine, which results in high concentrations of stone-forming compounds in the urine. This is an important cause of calculus formation as much water can be lost from the body through sweating and breathing in our tropical climate.

·A decrease in the body’s citrate and magnesium levels increases the likelihood of calculus formation as both compounds are important inhibitors of calculus formation in the urinary tract.

·Medical conditions like cancer and kidney disease increase the likelihood of calculus formation. This is usually due to the treatment of the medical condition.

The body tries to rid itself of the calculus by passing it out in the urine. It is possible for small calculi to traverse the ureters, bladder, and be passed out through the urethra. However, it is not the case with larger calculi.

The problems posed by the calculus are due mainly to obstruction to the flow of urine from the kidneys through the urinary tract. This results in stasis of urine, which increases the likelihood of urinary tract infection. The combination of urinary tract infection and kidney infection poses particular danger as it can lead to kidney damage with resulting loss of renal function and infection of the blood stream (septicaemia), which is potentially life threatening.

Clinical features

Many patients do not have any symptoms, particularly those with small stones.

The clinical features of renal calculi include that of urinary tract infections, particularly recurrent ones, ureteric colic when the stone attempts to traverse the ureter, history of having passed out stones in the urine, and loss of renal function, including renal failure.

Ureteric colic usually present with severe pain in the back or the side of the abdomen, or sometimes in the groin, lasting minutes or hours, with intervals when there is no pain.

The other common symptoms of renal calculi include an inability to lie still, nausea, urine that contains blood or is smelly or cloudy, a burning sensation when passing urine, an urge to pass urine often, and fever.


A diagnosis of renal calculus is usually made from symptoms and the medical history, especially if there had been renal calculus previously.

The laboratory tests include urinalysis to check for infections and stones, renal function tests and estimations of substances that cause stone formation, e.g. calcium. Stones that have been passed out in the urine are also analysed to determine their composition.

Imaging investigations are useful in confirming the diagnosis and locating the precise position of the calculus. They include x-rays, intravenous pyelogram (IVP), ultrasound and computerised tomography (CT) scan. An IVP involves an intravenous injection of a dye which passes through the kidneys into the urine. The x-ray images will locate the calculus and any blockages of the urinary tract.

CT scans are thought to be more accurate than IVPs. However, the imaging technique used will depend on what is available at the hospital or imaging centre.

The treatment modality depends on the size of the calculus. Most renal calculi are small and it is possible to be treated at home. It is generally accepted that 80% of patients will pass out urine calculi that are up to 4mm in diameter. The calculi may still cause pain until after it has been passed out. Painkillers are usually prescribed. Injections will be given if oral medicines do not provide relief. Medicines for nausea and vomiting may also be prescribed.

It is important to drink sufficient water until the urine is colourless. If the urine is yellow or darker, it means that there is insufficient drinking.

If the calculus is 6mm to 7mm in diameter or larger, it is usually removed by surgical procedures, i.e. extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), ureterorenoscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), or traditional surgery. The type of treatment depends on the size and location of the calculus. The indications for surgical treatment include pain, infection, and obstruction. Surgical treatment is not usually performed when there is an untreated urinary tract infection, uncorrected bleeding disorders, or pregnancy.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the least invasive of the procedures available. It involves the delivery of shockwaves by a device called a lithotriptor. The energy released when the shockwave hits the calculus causes it to break up into small fragments, which are then passed out in the urine.

The anaesthesia used depends on the type of lithotriptor used. ESWL is limited by the size and site of the calculus. Treatment is less successful if the calculus is larger than 1.5cm in diameter or is located in the lower part of the kidney. Although there is fragmentation of the calculus, complete passage in the urine is less likely because of the large volume of the fragments or its location in the lower part of the kidney.

The results are also poorer in obese or overweight patients because of the increased distance from the device to the calculus.

ESWL is not done if there is ureteral obstruction below the site of the calculus. There are some patients who require more than one session of EWSL to treat the calculus successfully.

Ureterorenoscopy involves inserting a telescopic instrument called an ureteroscope through the urethra and bladder up into the ureter and kidney where the calculus is stuck. It is sometimes called retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS). The calculus, which is either removed with another instrument or is broken up into smaller fragments by ESWL or laser, is passed out in the urine. The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) involves inserting a telescopic instrument called a nephroscope into the kidney through an incision made in the patient’s back. The calculus is either removed or broken into smaller fragments with ESWL or laser.

PCNL is usually performed under general anaesthesia. Because its risks are greater than that of ESWL and ureterorenoscopy, PCNL is usually performed when the calculi are large and/or complex or when ESWL or ureterorenoscopy has failed.

There are occasions (usually less than 10%) when traditional surgery is used to remove the calculus, i.e. when ESWL, ureterorenoscopy and PCNL are unsuitable treatment modalities. This involves making an incision in the back, under general anaesthesia, to access the kidney and/or ureter to remove the calculus or calculi.

The complications of surgical treatment depend on the treatment modality and the size and position of the calculi. They include pain, urinary tract infection, bleeding, injury to the ureter, infection of the blood stream (septicaemia) and steinstrasse, which is blockage of the ureter caused by fragments of the calculus.


One should be cognisant that a recurrence is increased by a high protein, low fibre diet, physical inactivity, recurrent urinary tract infections, disease of the small intestine, intestinal bypass surgery, when there is only one functioning kidney, past history of renal calculi, and a family history of renal calculi.

There is also evidence that certain medicines increase the likelihood of a recurrence, e.g. antacids, aspirin, calcium and vitamin D supplements.

The crucial measure that can prevent a recurrence is an increase in fluid intake which would lead to an increase in urine output.

Source: Dr Milton Lum

DIVORCE cases because of unfaithful wives have gone up by 20% in the past 10 years.

KOSMO! highlighted syaria lawyer Musa Awang expressing his concern over the trend.

Musa said his observation was based on hundreds of divorce cases he had handled over the past decade.

He said divorces were more prevalent among working couples, where the women tend to share their marital problems with other men who then took advantage of them.

The daily also quoted Women, Family and Community Development Ministry guidance and counselling division director Linda Jamaluddin as saying that the women’s tendency to confide in male colleagues always backfired.

She said such actions always resulted in forbidden love and infidelity.

Source: Kosmo!

A store manager’s dream of marrying a young and beautiful Vietnamese bride was dashed when she turned out to be another man’s wife.

Tan Ching Seng, 30, and his family thought it worthwhile to fork out RM17,000 to a matchmaking agency when he first saw the woman at the KL International Airport.

“I was excited and was looking forward to a happy marriage. I thought it was God’s gift that I was able to marry this attractive woman.

Marriage woes: Chong (right) and Tan holding up the wedding photos and marriage certificate at the press conference in Kuala Lumpur

“But I was shocked and didn’t know what to do when she told me that she had already been married in Vietnam in 2006,” Tan said at a press conference organised by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong.

Tan found this out only after Nguyen Thi Vinh, 25 – Ah Hoong to Tan’s family – failed to come home on March 10 after returning to Vietnam when her grandmother died.

“When I managed to contact Ah Hoong a month later, she told me the shocking news.

“She claimed she had been cheated by the agent as she was supposed to come to work in Malaysia and not for marriage,” Tan said, adding that it was only then that he realised why Ah Hoong always “gave excuses” and “looked sad” when he wanted to sleep with her.

He said Ah Hoong even sent him a copy of her wedding photograph and marriage certificate,

Tan said he now wanted the agents to refund him the fee which he and his family had borrowed from relatives.

Chong said the department would help Tan take legal action against the agent.